segunda-feira, 8 de agosto de 2011

The first time..

The first time i read those words from him, it was , when we saw the videoclip "easy" - Faith no More together. He said that in a a funny way, and all my body shaked, but he never knew...
I said him, first in portuguese...than i wanted to know in his language.
when he said to me for the first time eyes wanted to cry, and my heart bited more than i can ever imagine.
I  am too emotional ...and with him, i could feel the real meaning of be emotional.
And it seems that is a crazy thing...but is more real than so many things closer to us. He is far away from me...but i feel him so close, and i really love him.
So...the first time was...the first time we said "i Love you" to each other.

Dooset Daram

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