quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2011

Since I can not be with you, I hope that all my letters will take a bit of my body and my soul.
And the letter that was in my hands and goes find yours touching you.
I contact you in the silence and distance. I touch you all, and the words  will kiss you ...

Since I can not be with you ... I send you my presence.
Until this absence over ... I will send my heart through all ways.

From Lisboa to Sydney with love!

Legend of Hearts

Two child born in different sides of the world, they were both the only child of their family, signs were saying since many years ago that these two will meet some day somewhere at the south of the planet earth, in a land with pure nature and heavens, after years and years now one man is standing in the shore and looking at horizon, he is searching for specific ship with familiar flag on it, he is patient enough to see that day.

This will be a new legend and, with two legendary characters who are ordinary people with extraordinary passion. This is legend of hearts.