terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2012

Portugues Ship Has Left this Land

Standing on the shore and not able to see the Portuguese ship which is disappearing in far away. They are famous in discovering but they are also famous in another thing, I living what they have discovered.

Now am sitting on the see side and drawing abstract signs on the sand. I heard that every thing happens with some reasons, but some times reasons are not as strong as what happened. I am looking at the horizon and I can still see the Portuguese Ship positioned in the middle of sun while it's going down. and thinking that I am lost, or may be I found some thing in some where I have never visit in real life. I feel sad, but happy for having some one far but near, although she left me from her side.

Maybe this was a dream, or like illusion but it was so true which I never can deny. sky is getting dark now it's hard to see the ship nor the sun, at the end of the day I stand by my self alone like always with tears in my eyes, giving my kiss to the wind and asking him to deliver it to you, you who left me for second time since hounded years ago!