terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2012

Portugues Ship Has Left this Land

Standing on the shore and not able to see the Portuguese ship which is disappearing in far away. They are famous in discovering but they are also famous in another thing, I living what they have discovered.

Now am sitting on the see side and drawing abstract signs on the sand. I heard that every thing happens with some reasons, but some times reasons are not as strong as what happened. I am looking at the horizon and I can still see the Portuguese Ship positioned in the middle of sun while it's going down. and thinking that I am lost, or may be I found some thing in some where I have never visit in real life. I feel sad, but happy for having some one far but near, although she left me from her side.

Maybe this was a dream, or like illusion but it was so true which I never can deny. sky is getting dark now it's hard to see the ship nor the sun, at the end of the day I stand by my self alone like always with tears in my eyes, giving my kiss to the wind and asking him to deliver it to you, you who left me for second time since hounded years ago!

terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2011

HaPpY Birthday My dear Vanessa

Today is a special day, finally your Birthday came and I am still far from you on the other side of the world. I wish I could conquer all the limitations and fly there in a blink to hold you  and kissing you and saying Happy Birthday, but it seems that reality is imposing it self to us. If you were here I would  buy an Orange Cake and celebrate it with you some where near the harbour under this sunny and beautiful day.

I am sad that every body instead of me will attend your birthday and every body will have the chance to see you personally but not me.

HaPpY Birthday my beauty and wish you best, some day I will see you and tell you how......

quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2011

Since I can not be with you, I hope that all my letters will take a bit of my body and my soul.
And the letter that was in my hands and goes find yours touching you.
I contact you in the silence and distance. I touch you all, and the words  will kiss you ...

Since I can not be with you ... I send you my presence.
Until this absence over ... I will send my heart through all ways.

From Lisboa to Sydney with love!

Legend of Hearts

Two child born in different sides of the world, they were both the only child of their family, signs were saying since many years ago that these two will meet some day somewhere at the south of the planet earth, in a land with pure nature and heavens, after years and years now one man is standing in the shore and looking at horizon, he is searching for specific ship with familiar flag on it, he is patient enough to see that day.

This will be a new legend and, with two legendary characters who are ordinary people with extraordinary passion. This is legend of hearts.

quarta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2011

Eu já te pedia...

Eu já te pedia que viesses
Já te implorava que corresses a meu encontro
E a passos largos me enchesses de vida os meus espaços vazios.

Eu já pedia que acelerasses o passo
E deixasses de ser tão manso
Porque devagarinho sofro cada minuto da tua demora

Já te suplicava por esse ar que respiras e devorava cada lugar que ocupas
Porque a pressa se faz emergência quando almejo o teu âmago ser

E que se faça noite e dia, e noite outra vez
E que a noite engula o dia
Porque eu já não te pedia
Eu te peço morosamente:  vem!

Vanessa 31-08-2011

terça-feira, 9 de agosto de 2011

far but near

I was thinking with my self how strange is the life. you live in some place and you do not engage in any relationship but miles away you find it. you find some thing value able and worthy, you find feelings and your emotions push you to engage more.

you live in a place and you feel stranger with others but some one far away is the one you think you can share your moments and your daily life. why it happenes we don't know, the only thing we know is it is happening and no one can stop it.

segunda-feira, 8 de agosto de 2011

The first time..

The first time i read those words from him, it was , when we saw the videoclip "easy" - Faith no More together. He said that in a a funny way, and all my body shaked, but he never knew...
I said him, first in portuguese...than i wanted to know in his language.
when he said to me for the first time directly...my eyes wanted to cry, and my heart bited more than i can ever imagine.
I  am too emotional ...and with him, i could feel the real meaning of be emotional.
And it seems that is a crazy thing...but is more real than so many things closer to us. He is far away from me...but i feel him so close, and i really love him.
So...the first time was...the first time we said "i Love you" to each other.

Dooset Daram